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Vicars and Church Wardens

The list of past (& present) Vicars and Church Wardens is displayed on two boards in the church near the Vestry. Below we reproduce the contents of these boards:


Constituted by Order in Council

26th April 1845

The Church of S. SAVIOUR was

consecrated 9th October 1845




James Russell Woodford MAPembroke College, Cambridge.
(Afterwards Bishop of Ely)
25th June 1845
Charles Henry Johnstone MAS. Edmund Hall, Oxford23rd March 1848
James Firth MAChirst Church, Oxford2nd May 1874
Frederick William Griffiths BAUniversity College, Durham18th July 1881
Ernest John Phillips MAPembroke College, Oxford.
Rural Dean of Bitton 1927.
Hon. Cannon of Bristol Cathedral 1930
1st June 1906
Hubert Sanson French L.Th. 13th July 1936
Harry Joseph Livingstone Goldthorpe L.Th. 3rd January 1942
Tom Glenford Luddington AKC 13th July 1945
Vincent Clifton Castle BASt John's College, Durham24th October 1950
Canon W.Kingsley Martin BSc 17th March 1954
Keith F.Dimoline 30th April 1965
Robert J.Drewett 29th August 1974
A.Ashford Allan 23rd June 1976
Barry Raven 21st October 1980
Clive Murrie 4th December 1991
Canon Nigel Graham 5th December 1995
Colin Lunt 12th December 2000

Church Wardens:
1846-8William HewittGeorge James
1848-9John WheelerHenry Werrett
1849-50Robert ParkerGeorge Williams
1850-1Henry HewittJohn Cook
1851-2William NewmanJames Stone
1852-3John CobbGeorge Iles
1853-4Samuel HolderJames Green
1854-9Henry HewittGeorge Williams
1859-60George MattherCharles Turner
1860-1John FowlerGeorge Williams
1861-9Charles TurnerGeorge Williams
1869-70StokesGeorge Matthews
1870-2Joseph NewmanGeorge Matthews
1872-9Charles TurnerJoseph Newman
1879-80John NaysmithJoseph Newman
1880-2John NaysmithJoseph Nowell
1882-94George C HewittWilliam Newman
1894-1904George CapleWilliam Newman
1904-7George CapleAlbert S Newman
1907-8Walter StabbinsAlbert S Newman
1908-14Albert S NewmanJonathan Bryant
1914-26Albert S NewmanGeorge E Newman
1926Henry WaltersGeorge E Newman
1929Christ G WatkinsHenry Walters
1932Thos B ButcherHenry Walters
1934Thos B ButcherArthur F Allen
1937Thos B ButcherWilliam J Coombes
1940Thos J MarshThos B Butcher
1944Thos B ButcherKenneth B Hearn BA
1945Thos B ButcherArthur Foster
1947Thos B ButcherAlice A Newman
1949Alice A NewmanWilliam J Coombes
1958William CoombesCyril Batten
1960Cyril BattenR A Johnson
1966Cyril BattenWilliam Garrett
1972Leslie NewmanAlan Carey
1975Leslie NewmanNorman Cannard
1976Leonard WebbNorman Cannard
1979Frank Loxley MARichard Kingscott
1982Diana KendallRichard Kingscott
1984Diana KendallJoseph Tullet
1993Michael SwainFrank Loxley
1997Michael SwainTrevor Thompson
2006Mary HeadTrevor Thompson
2008Mary HeadAndrew Brander

    Early History | Our Building | The Interior | The Architect | Vicars and Wardens

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