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Children's Page

Hello and welcome to your page on St. Saviour's website.

We will miss seeing you all over Holy Week and Easter.

However, we can pray for one another and the world during this time of being confined to our homes because of the Coronavirus.

Sunday 5th April is Palm Sunday, a time when well meet in the hall received our Palm Crosses and walk to church before the service.

As you will have no cross from church, perhaps you may like to make your own. You could use a cereal packet or some other box which can be cut to make a cross. If you have a garden you may be able to find some twigs to glue on or some flower stems from plants which have gone over. Please don't cut mum and dad's best plants. You could then decorate your cross by drawing flowers and colouring them and then glue them to your cross.

You can then say a prayer of thanks that you have been able to do this.


Next week is the beginning of Holy Week, a time when we think of everything Jesus went through before Good Friday. There will of course be no service on Good Friday, but you could find the story in your Bible and read it. Also what about making your own Easter Garden this year. I usually make one and it goes in the porch at church for everyone who passes the church can see it, and sit down and have a moments rest and meditation.

You will need a small tray of some sort, either paint the grass and a path or find some moss, or other green foliage, and put three crosses on a little hill that you can make, and then put some little pots of flowers in your garden. If you are able you could build a little cave to represent the tomb. when I do the one for church I put a stone over the opening until Easter Sunday, and then you can open up your cave.

I hope you enjoy doing this yourselves this year. I am sorry I haven't a picture to show you how to do these things, but many of you have entered the miniature garden at the Horticultural Show, so I am sure you can do it.

Do take a picture and email it to the editor (to put on this webpage) or post it on the church facebook page for the rest of the congregation to see. You can bring a photo to church when we open the church again.

I will keep this page updated for you, and see what we can come up with to be able to pray and make some craft as if we are at church.

A Prayer for you.

Dear Heavenly Father, we give thanks for our world and all the good things we are able to see and do.
At this time when so many people are ill and dying, we pray that scientists will find a cure for the virus.
We give thanks for all those who are working for the NHS and carers and those in vital jobs, like those in shops and factories.
We pray for our friends who we are unable to see because we have to stay indoors,
but with modern technology we can facebook or one of the other apps that we can use to keep in touch.
Help us to do what we can to cheer up other people.
In Jesus name, Amen.

God Bless. love from Mary x

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